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 3rd Feb 2012


                        FEBRUARY/MARCH 2012


The seminars will be one and a half hours in duration and split into 2 groups.

The first seminar will be for yellow, green, blue and red belts and the second seminar for black belts only.

Children are permitted over the age of 12 years old; however, if you have a student who is younger than this and you think they are capable of doing the seminar, please speak to your area representative.



This will most likely be the last chance you and your students will have to train with this original tae kwon do pioneer and most senior tae kwon do grandmaster in the world today. As from 2013 Grandmaster Choi will stop travelling the world and only conduct seminars in his home country of Canada, so don’t miss this opportunity to train with this great legend of TKD, as this will be your very last chance! So it is an opportunity not to be missed! See your Instructor for times and venues

.Summer Camp 2012 - Clacton

The summer camp will take place on the weekend of 11th / 12th / 13th May 2012. The weekend is suitable for both adults and children and caters for all aspects of Tae kwon Do training regardless of grade and experience.
If you are interested in going, please give a deposit to your instructor as places are on a first come basis.
The total cost of the weekend including accommodation and all training is available from your instructor.


31st Jan 2012 Calendar of Events - Updated

Please check the calendar of events for upcoming events for this year.
Colour belt and black belt grading dates are also on the calendar.

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